BUCHAREST, 05/03/2013 - The Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors and Retailers in Romania considers that the reduction of payment terms in Health sector should be made gradually for all debts in the system and not immediately, only to invoices issued after 16 March 2013.

The Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors and Retailers in Romania (ADRFR) welcomes the Government's intention to reduce the time of payment terms in the Health sector, but says that the solution assuming a payment within 60 days for new payments, leaving total current of over 1 billion Euro, will be honored at the time of 300 days is not a desirable alternative for pharmaceutical distributors and retailers. Identified financial resources at the governmental level to reduce payment terms should be used to reduce the payment terms related to the entire existing debt at a level of fulfillment that lie initially at 210 days (term contractual obligations now) and subsequently gradually at a lower level.

"We ask for respect, in a first step, of the current settlement period, which would represent a reduction of more than 90 days from the current settlement period applicable to the whole balance recorded at this time, and not differentiated by issued date - before or after March 2013. Practically, simple real employment towards reducing payment terms from our point of view is a concrete, more relevant than implementing a commitment to comply with a Directive currently impossible for Romania " said Robert Popescu, President of ADRFR

Given that compliance with Directive 2011/7/EU in the entire Romanian economy is at least improbable, if not impossible, and knowing that other European countries with a stronger economy than our country have already stated that they can not implement the Directive, distributors and chain pharmacists consider that a prudent and pragmatic approach is preferable to a misunderstooded effort to pay some bills still unissued, due to the existence of significant arrears in the system.

"Gradual implementation of the new payment terms for all the remaining amounts, not only for those registered after 16 March, is the solution viable and suitable for meeting the government commitments taken in front of international bodies and to avoid tensioning a pharmaceutical system which, despite the problems it faces, works and doesn’t currently experience bottlenecks in pharmaceutical delivery. We support the gradual reduction of the payment terms with their mention in the base contract to be signed for the period 2013 - 2014, followed by further reductions confirmation that this deadline can be met" mentioned Robert Popescu.

A.D.R.F.R. emphasizes that too aggressive payment promises can generate unrealistic expectations from some of the actors in the pharmaceutical system, especially in the production of pharmaceuticals, which, if not met, would lead to possible bottlenecks in the supply of medicines to the market, with all negative consequences to the patient.

A.D.R.F.R. expresses the immediate availability for discussions with all stakeholders in the industry and the public authorities - Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, CNAS, to implement a realistic and pragmatic mechanism to reduce payment terms in a short and medium interval, which will bring additional benefits (and not risk) for the patients in Romania.




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